Puerto Rico Diving, Gran Canaria
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Tufia Diving Site, Gran Canaria
Tufia Diving Site, Gran Canaria

Type Of Dive:   Shore Dive

Maximum Depth:   20 Metres

Certification Level:   Open Water Diver

What You Might See:   Octopus, Cuttlefish and Barracuda

Tufia is a small town on a hill with houses built into the cliff and a black sand beach. This dive site begins rocky, sloping off to a sandy bottom as it gets deeper. There are some small caves to look into and a small swim through. Between the rocks there are plenty of octopus to spot, as well as cuttlefish, crabs and even purple anemones. On the top of the rocky area you can often see barracudas playing with the bubbles, and if you look into the blue you can spot Sardines, Roncadores and if you are lucky some rays gliding around.

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