Puerto Rico Diving Centre, Gran Canaria
Certified Scuba Divers
in     by Holly 10-10-2017

Have you ever imagined scuba diving? If you have that's awesome and you've already taken to first step towards becoming a PADI certified diver! So the idea has been planted, but you still need some more reasons to learn why to dive?

Here are ten reasons that are sure to persuade you to sign up to learn to dive with Puerto Rico Diving.

  1. By learning to scuba dive you will learn how to breath underwater. Which in our minds makes you a superhero, how many people do you know who can breath underwater?!
  2. You will be learning a whole new language. Divers have their very own language, they use hand signals which allows them to communicate underwater. Once you are finished with your course you will be fluent in a whole new language, and you will more than likely start to use it above water as well as below!
  3. If it is your goal to see the world? Then what better way than with scuba diving? The ocean covers 71% of the worlds surface. Learning to dive will allow you to see parts of the world others can only dream of.
  4. Experience the feeling of weightlessness.
  5. Escape technology and allow yourself to relax. Your phone cannot ring underwater. There are no emails to be answered. The notifications from social media cannot be heard. Being underwater you can enjoy the peace and quiet whilst you chill out with the fish.

Check our blog out next week to learn even more reasons why you should Scuba Dive :)