How would you deal with a diving emergency, such as a panicked diver at the surface or underwater? What about a diver who surfaces and says that their buddy is missing? What about the care for a diver with suspected decompression sickness (DCS)?

Find out on the PADI Rescue Diver Course!

The Rescue Diver course is an important progression on from Advanced Open Water Diver and turns the focus away from pure dive skills, to those that allow you to deal with diving accidents and emergencies involving yourself and others.

What will I learn during the Rescue course?

During the PADI Rescue course you will learn how to deal with problems that can occur whilst scuba diving, increasing your confidence in the water and making you a valued diver when part of a buddy team or larger dive group. Your instructor will teach you how to prevent problems and how to manage them if they do happen. You will cover topics such as: self rescue, recognising and managing stress in other divers, emergency management and equipment, rescuing panicked divers and rescuing unresponsive divers. We aim to make learning about accident prevention/management and rescue techniques exciting and fun without neglecting the subjects seriousness.

Rescue Diving Course
Rescue Scuba Diving Course, Gran Canaria

I already have First Aid and CPR training, do I still need to take the Emergency First Response course?

If you already have a First Aid and CPR training from within the past 24 months, please email us a copy of your certificate so we can verify with PADI that it is acceptable.

What do I need to bring?

  • Swim Suit
  • A Towel
  • A change of dry clothes for afterwards
  • Your diving certification card (PADI Advanced or equivalent)

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