Take your passion for scuba diving to the next level, and become a PADI professional!

The PADI Dive Master course is the first level of being a PADI Professional. If you love scuba diving, and want to take it to the next level by making it your career the Dive Master course is your next step.

What will I learn during my PADI Dive Master Course?

During your PADI Dive Master course you will work closely along side your PADI instructor, who will act more as a mentor than a teacher. You will fine tune your dive and rescue skills, helping you to anticipate and solve common problems. You will gain dive knowledge, management and supervision abilities, so you become a role model to scuba divers everywhere.

Can I start the theory now?

Yes, it is possible to complete the theory before you arrive in Gran Canaria. PADI e-learning allows you to do the theory from the comfort of your own home, meaning you can jump straight in the water once you are here!

How long does the course take?

If you meet all the pre-requisites the Dive Master course can be completed in as little as 2 weeks. To get the most from the course we would recommend 4-6 weeks. This way you can get the most from the course and become a confident Dive Master.

Do you offer free Dive Master Internships?

Unfortunately, no. We want you to become the best dive master you can possibly be, so we cannot offer the training free of charge. Our PADI Dive master courses are paid to ensure you get the best training. If you choose to compete your Dive Master with Puerto Rico Diving we will also teach you everything we feel is important to know about working in a busy dive centre. When possible we will allow our dive master trainees to shadow us so they can see first hand how things are done by a PADI professional. Our aim is once you have finished your Dive Master training with us, you are fully equipped to work as a PADI professional any where in the world.

At Puerto Rico Diving we also offer Assistant Instructor Courses for those of you wishing to take the next step with your professional PADI training. If you are interested in doing your PADI Assistant Course please contact us for more information.

Divemaster Testimonial

Amazing people and diving I had an amazing time diving with Mike and Holly while doing my Divemaster and Assistant Instructor course. They were extremely helpful and nothing was ever to much for them. I had a very enjoyable time diving with them for two months and I will 100% be back again. Thank you so much guys for everything you have done. Will see you again soon. Thank you again, Rachel.

Rachel, March 21, 2019

Customers’ first – No compromises on safety – Make diving fun …this could be the hitting slogans describing Puerto Rico Diving, which I randomly chose for my continued diving during holiday. I did my rescue diver course and a few pleasure dives with Puerto Rico Diving in 2018 and then continued even the dive master course with them (maybe this review will get a bit longer :-) ). During that time I had a chance to see both, the customer side as well as the internal side. I dived in various places before and had already a clear idea what high quality and professionalism a 5 star PADI dive base offers. But even so, I was somewhat happily surprised that my (high) expectations were still surpassed by Puerto Rico Diving. To name a few, I always experienced a very easy and friendly communication, good customer care, prompt and accurate responses from all staff to any questions, and a high flexibility to accommodate your own needs, like time constraints and individual learning speed, whenever possible. The different and interesting dive sites, with lots of marine life, are a big plus and offer great options and joy for every level of diving, from beginners with first breath underwater to well experienced divers. Not all dive centers offer this flexibility to their customers. All courses and pleasure dives are always kept interesting and joyful, and no compromises are made on good guidance or safety at any time. The teaching speed is well adapted to your individual learning speed. If you learn fast, you do not spend more time than necessary on a subject. If you need to practice, you get the time and assistance needed for getting the points, so one is always very comfortable and safe. The diving gear can all be rented in any sizes for small price, is up to date and in very good and clean condition. Based on my experience I can only recommend this dive center as a very good choice for interested scuba beginners, try dives, snorkeling trips, holiday fun divers and for taking any of the scuba diving courses. I am closing with a big thank you to Puerto Rico Diving for all your professional support, for having a great time and seeing so many nice and different things under water!

Sascha, January 28, 2019

Having spent a month with Puerto Rico Diving completing both my Rescue and Divemaster course, I am very happy to report that my experience was exceptional. Mike and Holly accommodated my needs at very short notice and were very hospitable once I arrived, providing transport to and from the dive centre each day. The training was very rigorous for both of my courses and required me to fully engage with the reading material and practical work. Mike and Holly took the courses seriously and expected nothing less of me. It was not good enough, for example, to merely go through the motions of ‘Rescue Exercise 7’ as if it were just a practice, but rather to know the procedure inside-out and thereby be able to re-enact a realistic emergency situation and respond accordingly. Not only was this fun and invigorating, but I came away confident that I would be able to take control of a similar situation in a real-world setting. As my confidence grew over the course of my training, so too did my passion for diving. The dives were very enjoyable and there was an abundance of marine wildlife that I would not have had the pleasure of experiencing if I had taken the course in the UK. By the end of my stay, I had completed 39 dives (not including the Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) sessions), 18 of which Holly and Mike provided free of charge as long as I helped out around the dive centre. This in itself allowed me to become familiar with the daily routine and logistics of running a dive centre, which reinforced my development as an organised and helpful Divemaster. The high number of dives I performed over a relatively short time period improved my diving ability tremendously and shaped me into a competent professional diver, who no longer has any qualms about the prospect of safely leading dives in the future. I highly recommend Puerto Rico Diving as a responsible, safe and enjoyable centre for dive training. Thank you very much to Holly, Mike and of course Milo for such a memorable and first-class experience.

Edward Doherty