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Puerto Rico Diving Centre, Gran Canaria


Frequently asked questions about scuba diving in Gran Canaria.
If you have any questions we have not answered here please contact us

We have a variety of dive packages available from 1 day diving to 5 days diving (of course if you fall in love with diving in Gran Canaria and want to do more than 5 days diving this is something we can also arrange)

We always aim to leave our dive centre at 9am when we are diving. If you require a pick up this will be between 8:15am-8:45am depending on where you are staying. We get back from diving around 2pm, depending on which dive site we visit. This means you still have the majority of the afternoon to relax and spend time with non-diving members of your group.

We believe in the personal touch to make sure your diving is booked exactly as you want. For this reason we please ask you to contact us directly to book your scuba diving in Gran Canaria. We have a number of ways you can contact us (link to contact page) such as by Email, Phone, Text Message, WhatsApp message, via Facebook, via Instagram or using our enquiry form you can find at the bottom of this page.

In the summer months the ocean temperature reaches up to 25 C, and in the winter months the water temperature rarely gets below 17 C. We have suitable wetsuits and accessories for all seasons to ensure our divers are always comfortable in the water.

We always keep our groups small. The maximum number of divers we have in a group is 6 with 1 instructor.

Yes. We will provide drinking water as well as hot water for tea and coffee during the surface interval. We will also provide a small snack (fruit or biscuits) If you know you are likely to get hungry whilst we are out diving please bring yourself a small sandwich which we can put in our cool box for you.

Yes. If you have not been diving recently or simply feel the need to refresh this is something we can arrange for you. We have a couple of options available for those who wish to do a refresher dive, depending on how long you have been out of the water and how comfortable you feel. Please contact us for more information as our refresher dives are tailored to each individual.

There is a wide variety of marine life which calls the ocean surrounding Gran Canaria home. Some of our divers favourite things to see include stingrays, angel sharks, barracuda, roncadores, ornate wrasse, parrotfish, octopus, cuttlefish and nudibranch.

No. We always choose the dive site based on the weather conditions on the day. We can schedule boat dives for specific days, but of course this can also be subject to change depending on the weather.

If you are not within walking distance of our dive centre we offer a free pick up and drop off service from all accommodation in the south of Gran Canaria (Bahia Feliz to Puerto de Mogan) If you are staying in the North of Gran Canaria we can pick you up from the bus stop in Puerto Rico. If you have your own car there is a parking close by to our dive centre.

Yes, if you look at our dive price list we have prices including and excluding equipment rental.

Diving certification details, swim wear, towel, a change of dry clothes for afterwards and a form of ID.

Here in Gran Canaria it is a legal requirement to have a signed medical statement from a doctor and insurance which covers you for scuba diving. We understand these rules are stricter than a lot of dive destinations but at our dive centre we follow the rules strictly to ensure our divers are safe underwater. If you cannot get the medical statement signed before you holiday we have a medical centre here where we can arrange to get this signed for you at a discounted rate. We can also organise dive insurance, the prices per day can be seen on our price page.

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