Dive Prices


1 Dive Local Site 35 €
2 Dives In One Day 75 €
4 Dive Pack (2 Days) 145 €
6 Dive Pack (3 Days) 200 €
8 Dive Pack (4 Days) 265 €
10 Dive Pack (5 Days) 325 €

IGIC (local service tax) is NOT included. This is currently 7% and will be added to the prices quoted.

Diving prices include full equipment hire. If you have your own equipment, or only need one item, please deduct 10% from the 1, 2 & 4 dive packs and 15% from all other dive packs.

PLEASE NOTE : It is a requirement in the Canary Islands that all certified divers have insurance which covers diving and you need to bring this with you. Holiday insurance which covers diving is fine. All divers also need to have a valid medical certificate.  It is possible to arrange both insurance and a medical certificate locally.


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