Diving in Gran Canaria

You are only a short flight away from diving in Gran Canaria! The island has year round sunshine and a pleasant climate and even in winter the day time temperature is over 20°C. The minimum water temperature is 19°C degrees.


Diving in Gran Canaria

The Canary Islands are volcanic as is the underwater world providing the perfect refuge for a wide variety of marine life. One of the most stunning features of the marine life in Gran Canaria is the large shoals of fish which you can dive into and become completely surrounded by – a very memorable experience.

Dives to suit everyone

Here at PR Diving we do not have a set schedule for dives but try to be as accommodating as possible to requests and always pick the dive sites best suited to the weather conditions. All guided dives are conducted in small groups and made up of divers with similar experience levels. We have dives available for every level of experience and dive sites we visit on a regular basis.

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