Rescue Diver

How would you deal with a diving emergency, such as a panicked diver at the surface or underwater? What about a diver who surfaces and says that their buddy is missing? What about the care for a diver with suspected decompression sickness (DCS)? Find out on the PADI Rescue Diver Course.
The Rescue Diver course is an important progression on from Advanced Open Water Diver and turns the focus away from pure dive skills, to those that allow you to deal with diving accidents and emergencies involving yourself and others.



You will learn diver rescue skills and emergency procedure management. You will complete knowledge sessions and then during confined water and open water sessions, you will perfect what you have learned and discussed, including diver tows, calming panicked divers, searching for lost divers and how to surface and resuscitate unconscious divers.

We aim to make learning accident prevention / management and rescue techniques exciting and fun without neglecting the subject’s seriousness.

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